Quality assure your team remotely and accelerate onboarding

Supporting a training function can be costly and time-consuming.

iConnect’s video capture app and online platform allows training managers to quality assure their team remotely; greatly reducing time and travel costs. Our technology allows trainers to record their delivery for self-review, analysis, feedback and coaching over distance.

Training functions use iConnect to:

Remotely quality assure and coach trainers

Share best practice examples of great delivery

Improve and accelerate trainer onboarding

 Enhance train the trainer programmes

 Record role-play for effective skill transfer

 Embed learning after training

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“In my role as coach and mentor, iConnect has been the most useful and powerful tool for improving training and development quickly.”

Watch iConnect’s Steve Denman talk about how our video capture app and platform helps you improve the effectiveness of your training function, whilst saving time and money.

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