Experiential video learning technology

We bring together simple video capture and a powerful professional learning platform to help you tap into existing expertise and accelerate your performance. Welcome to experiential learning.


With iConnect you can record skills and expertise, analyse performance, provide feedback and enable social learning across your organisation, all from within our easy to use app.




Powerfully simple video recording technology

Capture in-house expertise for reflection, feedback and sharing.



Mobile video recording app

Use the iConnect app to capture and seamlessly upload video in any scenario, from the training room to sales presentations.

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Experiential learning video platform

Bring your team together online to access, develop and share skills and expertise.

experiential learning platform


Add timestamped comments to videos

Use these for your own reference, earmark points for discussion or to provide contextualised feedback


Collect data and analyse performance

Create customisable analysis tools and use to focus reflection and feedback, compare performance over time and measure the impact of your strategies.


Edit videos to create short clips or showreels 

Select just five minutes of an hour long presentation to share or cut together different videos to highlight a range of strategies.



Share privately

Share clips with individuals or groups to model good practice, spread ideas, generate discussion or gain contextualised feedback


Create groups

Go beyond video libraries to create multimedia spaces that enrich learning experiences. From creating onboarding experiences to showcasing excellence, these are completely flexible.


Share externally

Collaborate with people outside of your organisation, whether it’s to share materials with your clients or to demonstrate industry leadership.


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“iConnect means that as a team we can provide more peer support, mentoring and coaching without it impacting our day to day work. We’ve all improved as a result.”

Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM