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What’s the challenge?

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  • Learners forget 90% of what they “learn” one month after an instructor-led course
  • Only 12% of learners apply the skills from training to the job
  • 40% of training budgets are spent on travel costs
  • The average business loses 12% of its employees each year including their knowledge

Why experiential video capture?

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  • 70% of learning happens informally with little means to measure or capture it
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video
  • Coaching and mentoring increases chance of skill transfer to 90%
  • By using video and call capture, organisations reduce travel costs by 87%

iConnect – The proven solution…


  • 94% of employees said their performance had improved
  • 88% said their confidence had increased
  • 99% reported an increase in conversations about development among staff
  • 88% felt there had been a positive impact on collaboration



“It’s an outstanding piece of technology from a company who provide unprecedented levels of support and backup” – Rob Allsopp – Regional Director at WCAT

Proven by research

iConnect has strong research foundations that still thrive today. We are inspired by research, used as a tool for research and a subject of research internationally.

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Inspired by research

University of Sussex
Utah State University

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Used as a resource in research

Harvard University
VIA University College

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Subject of research

University of Bedfordshire
University of Birmingham
Education Endowment Fund


“When I first used iConnect and its remote in-ear coaching facility I felt like a carpenter discovering powertools for the first time” – Mike Fleetham, Consultant at Thinking Classroom

Proven by Ofsted

Ofsted inspection coming up?

Our education customers are more likely to have a better Ofsted grading than non-customers and our technology is praised in Ofsted reports.

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“iConnect allows managers and team members to view each other’s sales examples at a time suitable to them. It means as a team we can provide more peer support, mentoring and coaching without impacting our day to day work. We’ve all improved as a result.”-  Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM at Accordance VAT

Proven by our customers

Trusted by 2,000 customers in 16 countries worldwide



“We’ve increased our revenue by 24% on the same period last year” – Lucy Franklin, Sales Director at Accordance VAT



“iConnect costs a fraction of what we had previously spent and the impact has been significantly better”  – Andrew Manley, Headteacher, Cefn and Craig yr Hesg School



“I can’t praise the support we’ve had from IRIS Connect over the past three years highly enough. There’s no question about whether we’ll renew our contract” – John Bannister, Network Manager, St John Bosco Arts College