Job shadowing has been criticised in recent times as it can lead to new starters only witnessing one person’s technique. No matter how effective that top performer is, if their approach is the opposite to that of a new starter, for example, then it can be demotivating and stunt development.

Using job shadowing as one part of the onboarding and training process for developing teams, can be a really effective way of getting people up to speed, faster. 

The trick is to give the employee access to a number of top performers, so they can interpret and apply the different styles and adapt it to their own approach. The goal is for them to have access to your customers as early as possible so that they can witness what works and what doesn’t.

Job shadowing for your sales team

As a sales manager, it’s important that your new starters get to see top performers in a selling environment. It’s also crucial for you to see all of your salespeople in action. But getting out and shadowing your sales team isn’t that easy, especially when you have a larger team. We know that time constraints and conflicting priorities means that this doesn’t happen as often as it should. Think about ways that could make seeing your team in action, easier.

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Job Shadowing

Capture great practice

If you have great salespeople who are regularly smashing their targets, or someone who is particularly awesome at questioning for example, ask them to capture and share their meetings or calls with you and the rest of the team. Not only will this boost their ego, but it will display what ‘good practice’  looks like in your organization.

2 ways video can enhance the shadowing process:

  1. Sales Managers are busy, and can’t be everywhere all of the time. Video means you can observe your team without having to be there at particular times and locations.
  2. Create a library of good practice with videos and recorded calls to give your team access to a wealth of content whether they’re on the road or at their desk.

3 ways to encourage your team to share their videos

  1. Bring out their competitive nature – Salespeople are highly competitive, so running a competition for the ‘best elevator pitch’ within the team is a sure-fired way of getting them engaged.
  2. Think of the career advances – This is an opportunity to highlight room for professional growth. Recognising and supporting good practice are the hallmarks of future managers.
  3. Working together – Putting your team into groups with a shared focus, like a peer training project, is a good way of making the sharing of practice a priority for everyone.

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Job shadowing: Increase the effectiveness of your sales team
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