The key to attracting and retaining your top talent, is the learning and development you offer new starters. Onboarding new salespeople and getting them up to speed quickly can mean a considerable increase in revenue and efficiency for your organisation.  

Onboarding new salespeople can teach them about the company culture, it should suggest what knowledge and skills they require to be successful in their role and it advises them on how they can become more productive members of the team, faster. It decreases the likelihood of mistakes being made, inspires confidence and improves performance.

“When salespeople go through structured onboarding, 69% are more likely to remain with the organisation after three years.” – A Magazine, “How to inspire great teams”

How to get your salespeople off the start line quickly

Establish your organisation’s best-practice blueprint and sales methodology. This is a great way of exposing those new starters to what their critical learning is in the first few months. It also allows them to apply their strengths and weaknesses to their learning.

Ensuring new starters understand your sales process is a given, but what about the buyer journey? This will influence how the sales process is applied. Think about how you can immerse your new starter in the thought processes that potential buyers can have and actions they may take. Do you have a map of both and are they aligned?

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Create experts within your team

Sales professionals should be seen by clients as trusted advisors. To achieve this, they need to know as much-or-more about the field in which their buyers operate. Of course, becoming an expert at anything takes time and we learn through experiences, so think about how onboarding new salespeople can speed up this process.

At HubSpot for example, new sales starters are tasked with creating their own websites, blogs and social media presence, engaging with SEO methods along the way. This means that when it comes to selling HubSpot’s inbound marketing software, they have a genuine understanding of how their technology works for the end user and the pains and stresses felt in their daily jobs.

onboarding new salespeople

Test for sales readiness

How do you know when your new starters are ready to get on the phone or meet potential clients?  You can test for sales readiness in two ways: product knowledge and selling behaviours.

Product knowledge: This can be tested for with an exam at the end of training to ensure new starters have a suitable level of knowledge around your product or service.

Behaviours: This can be achieved through simulated learning. Get trainees to demonstrate and role play their presentations, calls and selling skills (like questioning techniques) against a framework.
This process can really be accelerated by enabling new starters to record themselves in action with audio or video. This allows for enhanced self-reflection and objective feedback; speeding up their development.

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Onboarding new salespeople: Get them contributing, faster!
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